What Is Bonofa?

About Bonofa

Bonofa is a German internet company that is currently building the biggest business network that the world has ever seen, Cube7. The ultimate goal is to go IPO (public) in 2017 with the help of thousands of brand partners. Once they take their company to the stock marketing, like many other internet companies, they will most probably make billions.


Bonofa had already spent 6 million euro on developing their concept before actually launching Cube7. They even hired 33 programmers to make it happen and will hire more people as the company grows. Cube7 eventually launched on July 7 2013 and this launch offers people the opportunity to promote the platform and earn a share in the company profits.

The founders of the company are Thomas Kulla, Martin Böhm and Detlef Tilgenkamp. Martin created the company and makes sure that new products and services are constantly being integrated into the platform. Thomas and Detlef are responsible for the financing part.

What Is Cube7?

Cube7 is a state of the art social network platform that revolves around the 5 biggest trends on the internet. Bonofa offers its affiliates the opportunity to monetize from these trends.

cube7These trends are:

  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • Apps

Internet giants like Google and Facebook are paying billions to purchase other internet companies/websites. The internet is a booming industry and Bonofa managed to create a promising concept around the digital revolution.

Cube 7

Why Would You Want To Become A Bonofa Affiliate?

You can see Bonofa as the mother company of Cube7. Cube7 is the instrument (social network platform) that they use to monetize their ideas. Martin Böhm has committed to integrate at least 30 billion dollar ideas into Bonofa.

As a Bonofa affiliate you basically benefit from everything that’s happening on Cube7. You can sign up new Bonofa affiliates or bring in free Cube7 users. You will get paid for building a Bonofa affiliate team, but you will also get paid every time someone in your organisation (including the free Cube7 users) makes a purchase on Cube 7.

To top it all off, Bonofa offers additional benefits for new sign ups. New Bonofa partners receive a Cube7 voucher (Premium members pay for instance 299,90 euro, but receive a 300 euro voucher) and free Cube7 users receive an 80 euro voucher.

What Makes Bonofa And Cube7 Stand Out?

Now that you understand how Bonofa works, you can easily detect how unique the concept is and how profitable it can be. However, it will still require you to build a business. This is a long term online business opportunity that will reward you for many years to come.

Fortunately Bonofa is doing most of the work for you. Your task as a partner is to share the business opportunity and the free Cube7 social media site with other people. This is a simple task, however it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Luckily Bonofa helps you. Remember, this is an internet company backed up by professional (online) marketers. Bonofa provides many professional online marketing tools and lots of training (webinars).

Should You Join Bonofa?

If you have no intention of sharing Bonofa and Cube7 with other people, then I’ll be frank with you: NO. Do not join Bonofa.

If you’re thinking long-term and looking to build a lasting online business, then Bonofa will most probably be what you want.

CLICK HERE to become a Bonofa partner.

become a bonofa partner

Enter your name and email on the website and you’ll receive a video with more information and get directed to the registration link. If you have questions about Bonofa or Cube7 or simply need more information, you can use the contact form.


Holvoet and I teach people how to earn home business income streams through online marketing. I also blog on my marketing blog jensholvoet.com.

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My name is Jens Holvoet and I teach people how to earn home business income streams through online marketing. I also blog on my marketing blog jensholvoet.com.

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